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Roofers at Work


There are many different types of roofing materials available today – from historic reproduction materials to ultra-modern components. This is where choosing a qualified, knowledgeable roofer becomes so important. The performance of your roof goes well beyond the surface shingles, and starts well before it rains.

It all comes down to a plan.

Each roof, and each home, is unique. That’s why Shumaker Roofing will review your home and your roof with you. After examining your roof from the inside out, evaluating you home’s orientation and weathering pattern, and determining your preferences from our vast assortment of roofing products, Shumaker will design and build a roof system that is budget-friendly, beautiful, and ready for the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Removing Asbestos Roofing


Roof Repairs in Maryland
The professionals at Shumaker Roofing are a premier roof repair specialist company of Frederick County. Because large problems sometimes seem minor and minor problems seem large, every repair begins with a thorough rooftop, attic, and interior inspection. We’ll determine the full extent of the problem, and identify any existing damage. Shumaker Roofing Company will also inspect chimneys, vents, and all other roof structures – even satellite dish mounts. We will make a thorough assessment of your roof’s overall condition and identified problem areas, including our recommendations for repair and preventative maintenance, if needed. All of our recommendations follow strict NRCA and NAHB guidelines and best practices.
Your roof is the most important component of your home, and at Shumaker Roofing Company, we know that your home is extremely important to you. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions, and follow the course of action that is best for you and your home. Once the project begins, Shumaker Roofing Company will dispatch a full crew to perform the work needed, and we’ll respect your property while we work. Before any project is considered complete, the project foreman will inspect the work and the final cleanup of your property.Unfortunately, some of our expertise in roof repair has come as a result of the poor workmanship or materials selection of other roofers. Shumaker Roofing Company will always respect you and your home by recommending and using only the highest quality materials, installed by experienced and highly-trained professionals who seek continuing education in the field of roofing.

Fixing the Roof


If your roof is leaking right now, call 301-662-0533.

Our staff answers the phone twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

When a roof emergency threatens your home, Shumaker Roofing Company will be there – fast. After identifying the leak and taking emergency steps to prevent further damage to your home, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of the problem area, researching and tracing the source of the problem. We’ll also examine the rest of your roof, to identify future problems before they become emergencies.

Best of all, you’ll get no-nonsense, no-pressure information on how best to repair the problem. The last thing you want is another surprise – or someone trying to take unfair advantage of an already stressful situation. Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have, and present you with all the alternatives.

You can always count on Shumaker Roofing Company to be honest and forthright – sometimes a small repair really is just a small repair.



Chimneys add architectural interest and curb appeal to your home – but unless your roofer knows how to properly flash and waterproof around your chimney, they can also invite leaks, structural damage, and expensive repairs.
By using the proper materials for flashing and waterproofing your chimney to prevent water damage, the Shumaker Roofing Company team has the training and the tools to ensure a quality job, every time. Shumaker Roofing Company can also repair damaged chimney mortar, concrete spalling, freeze/thaw damage, moisture infiltration and efflorescence – restoring the original look and structural integrity of your chimney.  repairs. Techniques for incorporating chimneys into a roof system vary based on climate – Shumaker Roofing Company has over six decades of experience in chimney flashing and waterproofing.Your chimney is an integral part of your roof, so trust Frederick County’s Roofing Pro – Shumaker Roofing Company.



Shumaker Roofing Company provides our customers with an interior and exterior inspection to determine ventilation needs, we then develop a system of ventilation designed to prevent damage caused by improper venting of your home, discuss possible ventilation options and alternatives, and install a balanced system to meet your homes needs.Proper attic ventilation is as critical to the long time performance of your house roof. Just as we need to inhale and exhaust oxygen to sustain life, your roof needs the properly “breathe” with a balanced combination of intake and exhaust ventilation.
This system will incorporate the necessary intake ventilation – soffit plugs, venting vinyl soffits or eave edge vents – and exhaust ventilation – ridge vents, fans or other types of vents.
Proper ventilation will help ensure that damage from condensation, dry rot, mold and mildews, ice and snow damming and sick house syndrome are avoided.
When considering your homes ventilation requirements, depend on a roofing expert trained in the proper use of ventilation products and systems, and experience the difference that is Shumaker Roofing Company.

Metal Rain Gutter


A homes gutter system is often overlooked, yet one of the biggest defense systems your home has against rain! Gutters redirect and drain out rain that could potentially cause harm to your home or building. Without proper installation and maintenance from a qualified team, your gutter system could end up compromised. Resulting in expensive repairs to the home, the need for gutter repair, or even a complete gutter replacement.



Natural light adds beauty to your home – and today’s skylight and sun tunnel solutions from Shumaker Roofing Company offer the benefits of natural sunlight and fresh air while remaining durable, waterproof, and energy efficient. Shumaker Roofing Company is proud to use and recommend Velux and Wasco products, and we can install them in most roof applications.
Skylights and Roof Windows offer a variety of options that make them a great choice for homeowners. From basic, fixed skylights that let in natural light, to electric venting skylights that offer remote control for bringing that cool breeze inside, some skylights feature exterior heat control, weather tight flashings, and COMFORT glazing for energy efficiency.
For parts of your home that don’t need a full skylight, such as closets, hallways, kitchens, powder rooms, bathrooms or laundry rooms, Sun tunnels are a great option. Easy to install and even easier to afford, Sun tunnels offer even lighting, low profile construction, and a one-piece design suitable for all types of roofs.