Roof Ventilation Systems

Professional Roofing Repair and Replacement in Maryland

Shumaker Roofing Company provides our customers with an interior and exterior inspection to determine ventilation needs, we then develop a system of ventilation designed to prevent damage caused by improper venting of your home, discuss possible ventilation options and alternatives, and install a balanced system to meet your homes needs.Proper attic ventilation is as critical to the long time performance of your house roof. Just as we need to inhale and exhaust oxygen to sustain life, your roof needs the properly “breathe” with a balanced combination of intake and exhaust ventilation.

This system will incorporate the necessary intake ventilation – soffit plugs, venting vinyl soffits or eave edge vents – and exhaust ventilation – ridge vents, fans or other types of vents.

Proper ventilation will help ensure that damage from condensation, dry rot, mold and mildews, ice and snow damming and sick house syndrome are avoided.

When considering your homes ventilation requirements, depend on a roofing expert trained in the proper use of ventilation products and systems, and experience the difference that is Shumaker Roofing Company.


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