Roof Replacement Components

Available in Frederick, Middletown, Myersville, Monrovia, Ijamsville, New Market & other parts of Maryland.

We are Your Monrovia, Maryland Roofing Contractor!Choosing the right components for your roof is crucial to its success. From dealing with reputable manufacturers, to selecting the best component mix for your climate and roof type, and even the reliability of warranty coverage, there is much to consider. Fortunately, Shumaker Roofing takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process – using only the best materials from reputable companies such as CertainTeed, Velux, and Airvent.


Shumaker offers the complete CertainTeed catalog of shingles, shake and shake lookalike shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, rubberized slate, and flat roofing solutions.

Ice and Snow Dam Protection

Winters in our area often result in snow and ice accumulation on roofs. This accumulation, if left unchecked on an unprotected roof, can compromise your roof’s structural integrity, creating leaks and weakening your roof from the inside and outside. By installing ice and snow dam protection, Shumaker is creating an extra layer of defense that will help your roof perform optimally – and keep your home dry.


Proper attic ventilation is critical to a roof’s performance. Too little, and you face decreased energy efficiency in summer and moisture problems in the winter. Too much, and you risk compromising the integrity of the roof system. Improperly placed ventilation is sometimes worse than nothing at all.

New roof installation is the perfect time to evaluate your attic ventilation system. By designing and installing the ventilation system at the same time as the roof, you maximize your budget while maintaining all applicable warranties. Shumaker Roofing installs and recommends Airvent attic ventilation products for their performace, value, and warranty coverage.


If your home has a chimney, vent pipes, dormers, or any feature that extends above the roofline, then your roof needs flashings at these points. While often unseen beneath shingles, metal flashings serve as important barriers between your home and the elements at these weakened points in your roof. Unfortunately, some less reputable contractors have omitted these vital and required parts of the roofing system. Shumaker Roofing will inspect all existing flashings as part of the initial inspection, and develop a plan should they be missing or require replacement.

Algae Resistance

Does your roof have unsightly black streaks? These streaks are caused by algae, and it can affect any type of roof. Once the algae has entered a neighborhood, airborne spores carry it from rooftop to rooftop. Fortunately, Shumaker has a solution – Algae-Resistant Shingle options that will keep your roof looking like new for decades, help prevent algae from forming, and save you money by eliminating the need for repeated, costly cleaning.

Warranty Coverage

Shumaker Roofing believes strongly in standing behind everything we do, and we expect the same level of dedication from our suppliers. Every product we install has extended warranty coverage available, and every one of our installers is specifically trained to install each product correctly, both to maximize its effectiveness and to maintain the warranty coverage should something fail.