Chimney Flashing & Waterproofing

Chimney Repairs by your Frederick, Maryland Roofing Pros

Chimneys add architectural interest and curb appeal to your home – but unless your roofer knows how to properly flash and waterproof around your chimney, they can also invite leaks, structural damage, and expensive repairs.

By using the proper materials for flashing and waterproofing your chimney to prevent water damage, the Shumaker Roofing Company team has the training and the tools to ensure a quality job, every time. Shumaker Roofing Company can also repair damaged chimney mortar, concrete spalling, freeze/thaw damage, moisture infiltration and efflorescence – restoring the original look and structural integrity of your chimney.  repairs. Techniques for incorporating chimneys into a roof system vary based on climate – Shumaker Roofing Company has over six decades of experience in chimney flashing and waterproofing.Your chimney is an integral part of your roof, so trust Frederick County’s Roofing Pro – Shumaker Roofing Company.


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