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Why You Need a Roof Tune-Up Every 5 Years

A roof tune-up should be on every homeowner’s maintenance checklist. It is a way to maintain your roof, detect if there are leaks or areas where exposure may develop, and extend its lifespan. Roofs can get damaged due to winter ice and snow, while leaks may take up to two years to show themselves on your home ceiling. A roof tune-up is an affordable way to know that the roof is sound and an important thing to do as a part of your home improvement project. Here are a few reasons that prove why you need a roof tune-up every five years.

  1. Regular maintenance saves money A roof tune-up is a simple and effective way to maintain your roof. Any minor fixes, like having the caulking around the chimney repaired or a few loose shingles replaced will stop a leak. If the roof is neglected for a few years, it will start to leak all of a sudden.

  2. Leaks may take up to 2 years to show up as a stain on your ceiling By the time you notice the ceiling stains, there are many other damages that the water probably caused (such as plywood damage.) Most people think that the roof leak just started, but that is not true because the water needs to get through the shingles, felt underlayment, plywood, and eventually through up to a foot of insulation. A roof tune-up every 5 years will help you identify the leaks on time.

  3. Without maintenance, roof shingles can’t last 30 years Roof shingle manufacturers are adding more fillers in their products, such as crushed limestone. It is what causes the appearance of black streaks on the roof. If your shingle seller told you that your shingles would last for 30 years, don’t take that literally. If you didn’t get a warranty for that, you should perform a roof inspection and tune-up now and then to make sure you’re good to go for the next rain or snow season.

  4. Proactive room maintenance Checking roof gutters is vital to make sure they are not clogged, and that water drains properly. Waterproofing is a good strategy for skylights, chimneys, and vents. Next, there is probably debris that needs to be cleaned off and missing, damaged or old tiles or shingles that should be replaced. Hire capable and certified roofers to inspect the condition of your roof and perform a tune-up, clean the roof, remove the mold to prevent it from spreading (it can mess up the look of your roof, lead to various health hazards, and extensive repair.)

Similar to a car tune-up, a regular roof tune-up helps keep you aware of your roof’s condition and avoiding more significant issues and repairs in the years to come. Roof tune-up repairs are usually minor, but if the roofers notice any severe problems, you’ll need to take care of it by making more significant repairs or replacing the roof.

The roof on your home is what keeps your property and you from external elements. Therefore, it’s highly essential to take proactive steps and give it proper attention and care to keep it in good condition throughout the whole year. If you haven’t had a roof tune-up in more than five years, contact Shumaker Roofing to schedule a roof checkup!

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