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Repair or Replace – How to Know When It’s Time

A roof can last years, but only when taken good care of. But the truth is that, eventually, your roof will get damaged. Then, you’ll have to decide whether it’s time to replace the entire roof or repair it. In some situations, a repair would be enough as it is the go-to solution to roof maintenance. But if the signs of roof damage keep occurring, then repair won’t be enough.

When to Repair Your Roof

Roof repair is the best option in most cases because it can prolong the life of your roof and you won’t have to spend too much money. If the roof is relatively new, then you probably won’t have to worry about replacing it. Contact your manufacturer for repairs if the roof is under warranty.

Next, think about the damage and the context in which it happened. If you know how and when it got damaged, then you can quickly determine if a repair will be enough. Exterior damages are often visible, mainly if the damage resulted from harsh weather. For example, if the roof got damaged after a major storm due to strong winds or a hailstorm, then it’s obvious what caused the damage.

Eventually, if the damage involves just a few missing shingles, you should be able to fix the issue without breaking a sweat.

When to Replace Your Roof

The older a roof is, the more susceptible it is to damage. It becomes less resistant, so repairs become less efficient. But that’s the case with any roof – at some point, replacement is necessary. If your roof is 20-30-years old, bear in mind that repairs won’t do the trick and are only going to get more costly.

If there is a lot of leakage or water damage inside the house, the roof must be replaced immediately. The time and effort it would take to repair that kind of issue would not be practicable. You need a sound roof over your head as soon as possible.

Finally, most roof damage can be repaired, but only to a certain point. If the damage is extensive and has started to affect the roof’s structural integrity, then replacement is your only option. For this kind of project, be sure to hire a professional roofing contractor.

These are the signs indicating that your roof needs a replacement:

  • Faulty roof shingle tabs - they keep the shingles securely on the roof.

  • Sunlight coming through the roof – If the sun rays can get through the roof, so can snow, rain, and air. Inspect the roof for potential cracks and leaks.

  • Roof sagging – if you notice that your roof is sagging, then there might be more serious structural issues with supports in your foundation or decking in your attic.

  • Shingles that started to curl or buckle. These issues make the roof more prone to leakage.

Do you suspect that there’s something wrong with your roof? Maybe the shingles look a bit worn out? Have you noticed stains on your walls or ceiling? If you think that something may be wrong, give us a call! Our professional roofers can inspect the roof for you, and if there are any issues, suggest the best solution for your home. Get a free quote.

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