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Frederick Storm Causes Roof Damage – What Now?

Strong winds or a hailstorm sweeps through the area and you’re left with shingles in your yard or hail divots on your roof. You think there’s been damage to your roof, but you’re not sure what to do first. Call the insurance company? Call a roofing company? The answer, in fact, is yes.

Call Your Home Insurance Provider

Let them know that a storm came through and damaged your roof. In most cases the insurance company will have an adjuster who will contact you and setup a time to look at the damage. The adjuster tells you what’s included and what isn’t, possibly adding some back and forth with the insurance company. The adjusters determine the cost, what the policy will cover, and for how much. They then send the documentation to you and try to get you to sign off on it. Don’t sign off on anything until you have a roofing professional involved.

Insurance companies can recommend contractors to provide estimates, but they cannot demand or require you to use a certain contractor. That’s why we suggest reaching out to your first-choice roofing contractor.

Reach Out to Your Local Roofing Company

We help reduce headaches on your end from the beginning. We work in conjunction with the insurance adjuster, helping them access the roof and examine it if necessary. By taking pictures and assessing the roof damage, we help homeowners navigate the challenges that happen when filing an insurance claim.

Choosing your trusted roofing company before there’s a problem helps minimize any challenges that come up when there’s a roof emergency or insurance claim. You will know that the work is being done correctly because you picked the company, not your insurance provider.

There’s a possibility that insurance could reject your claim. If that’s the case, while it’s not a viable claim it is still an issue that needs to be addressed and who better to take care of the matter than your top-choice provider.

Stay Away from Storm Chasers

This message bears repeating. Companies come in from out of the area when there’s a storm and promise you the world. But when you need them for a repair, they’ve moved to another area and don’t always respond to your requests. They also may not be aware of local building code requirements.

We’ve been in Frederick for over 70+ years, providing roof repairs and replacement to thousands of happy homeowners. In fact, we’ve been here so long that we’ve had repeat customers for roof replacement. Not many companies can say that they have return customers 30 years later!

If you’re concerned about storm damage to your roof, give us a call at (301) 662-0533 and schedule your free roof inspection. Shumaker Roofing Company is here when you need us. Then. Now. Always!

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