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Finding the Perfect Roof and House Color Combinations

If you’re ready to give your house a facelift, changing the color combination of your house and roof is one of the quickest ways to do it. Whether you’re planning a home improvement project to improve your curb appeal or list it for sale, there are some outside elements that you need to consider before choosing a color scheme. Why? Because it’s a significant investment, and you cannot afford to be disappointed with the result.

Local cues: If you live in downtown Frederick, painting your home in turquoise and pink may not be the best choice but it could work if you’re located in a tropical region. Go beyond the colors of your block and drive around town to find regionally and historically appropriate color schemes.

Take a look at your neighborhood: Nobody says that you should copy your neighbors’ house colors. However, if their homes have those calm and neutral earth color tones, you should be careful if you want to go into the warm-color territory. The best thing to do is to match their house’s color intensity – stay in their spectrum but don’t copy their selections.

Painting for depth and scale: Dark colors can make a house look more set back, substantial, and smaller. On the other hand, painting it in light colors can visually bring it forward and make it appear larger.

Matching a new roof color to current siding: If you are replacing the roof on your home and trying to figure out how to match the new roof shingles to your house color, sticking with the basics is always the right choice. Black, gray, brown, and red are the most popular colors of roof shingles. The colors come from the materials that shingle manufacturers have been using for centuries – clay, wood, slate, and metal. Get some samples and hold them next to your house siding to see which color complements the best. Bear in mind that darker roof shingles draw more heat into the home, which can be both a drawback and a bonus. It would be best to hire a roofing professional to re-roof your home correctly.

Matching a new house color to the current roof: When repainting the entire house (except the roof), then you should look to pair the color with the roof. A good rule of thumb is to pair a cool color with another cool color or a warm color with another warm color. For example, if the roof is in rusty tan or brick red color, pick a similarly warm color, such as brown, beige, or tan. On the other hand, if your roof shingles are slate gray or black, choose gray, green, or blue for your siding.

Test first: Paint a test patch first and then take a look at it at different times of the day. That way, you will see how the sunlight affects the color. Remember that all colors will always seem lighter on your home’s exterior than in the store on a paint chip.

Whether you’re re-siding or re-roofing your home or completely transforming the whole exterior, these ideas will help you find the perfect combination of colors. Give us a call if you need your roof replaced – we have over 7 decades of experience in the business

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