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5 Signs the Wind has Damaged Your Roof

Strong winds can damage a room by creating stress points that can weaken and become compromised over time. Roofs are designed to resist winds, but they can be damaged (incrementally) over the years by wind-carried debris and high winds. If there’s initial roof damage or any missing shingles, they need to be repaired right away to prevent any further damage or water leaks. Here are some of the signs of wind damage.

  1. Damaged or missing shingles If your roof is missing one or two shingles, the problem is localized and can be easily repaired. However, you shouldn’t ignore it because it’s a sign that your shingle system is slowly losing its wind-proof capabilities. In case the shingles are getting torn off from different parts of your roof, then it’s probably time for roof replacement. It’s a dangerous job so be sure to hire a licensed roofing contractor to do it for you.

  2. Missing or loose flashing Strong winds create stress points on your roof, and those points are often flashed roof areas. The flashing can be blown away from your roof edges, vents, skylights, and chimneys. Inspect these locations to note for missing or loose flashing. The flashing material can be replaced or reattached.

  3. Indoor stains (ceiling and walls) Indoor water stains can be a manifestation of wind-related roof damage. Water can quickly enter your home when your roofing material is compromised. The watermarks are usually grayish and yellowish.

  4. Fallen debris Tree branches can break under strong and damaging winds. Also, winds can blow away debris that can hit or land on your roofing material. If there is a lot of debris on your roof, it can be a sign of roof damage. If there are broken tree branches on the roof, you should remove them immediately, because they can cause debris and water buildup that can damage the roofing material.

  5. Granules in the gutters Check your gutters to see if there is a large amount of granules in there. These granules are used on shingle systems as waterproofing protection. Strong winds can strip them from your roof shingles, making the roof more vulnerable to strong winds as well as rain, snow, and ice.

What to do if strong winds damaged your roof?

If you notice any signs of roof damage due to strong winds, you should address the problem immediately. Otherwise, the longer you wait – the more damage will occur. Roof repair and roof replacement will cost you a lot less when you don’t throw in additional costs of repairing water damage and leaks. Call a roofing professional to inspect and repair the damage, or replace the entire roof altogether.

In case of an emergency, you need to reach out to a reputable and experienced contractor that offers 24/7 emergency roofing service. Shumaker Roofing is an insured, licensed, and certified roofing contractor with seven decades of experience. Give us a call today if you need an experienced professional to wind-proof your roof!

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