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5 Home Repairs That You Need to Address Immediately

Some home repairs can wait. For example, you can always head to the local laundromat if your washing machine is broken or you can hand wash your dishes if the dishwasher is acting up. But other home repairs cannot wait. Putting them off until tomorrow or next week could put your home, and your family, at risk. What sort of repairs are we talking about?

Five emergency home repairs that you should never put off.

  1. Clogged Gutters: If your gutters are clogged, you could be looking at some serious water damage in a surprisingly short period of time. You need to remove that debris right away. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to get out the ladder and do it yourself; you can always call a pro (like us!) to unclog your gutters and make any necessary repairs. [Related: Why You Need a Roof Tune-up Every 5 Years]

  2. Wet basement: You may think that after a big storm, having an inch of water in the basement is no big deal, but a damp or wet basement is definitely a home repair emergency. Dampness in the basement can lead to mold and mildew that could cause serious respiratory problems for yourself and your family, so fix that wet basement before it gets any worse.

  3. Deck Problems: If your deck is not structurally sound, everyone who steps foot on it is at risk. Check your deck for rotting wood and loose boards on a regular basis, and any deficiencies should be fixed as soon as possible. The deck should be strictly off-limits until repairs can be made - the safety of your family and guests is the priority.

  4. Termites: Mice can eat you out of house and home, but termites can actually eat your home. If you think you see termites, call an exterminator right away. If you see one termite, you can be sure there are plenty of others living nearby, probably in a mound with thousands of other wood chewers. Ick!

  5. Water Spots on the Walls or Ceiling: You should never ignore unexplained water spots on the walls or ceiling since that dampness typically indicates either a plumbing problem or a serious issue with your roof. You could do some detective work yourself and call in an expert when you think you’ve narrowed down the problem. Or, contact us for a free assessment. We can let you know whether it’s going to be a roof repair or if it’s time to call a plumber.

When you own a home, the list of needed repairs sometimes seems endless. From a loose tread on the staircase to unraveling carpet in the hall, you have plenty of things to do and lots of projects to keep you busy. The good thing about those home repairs is that they can generally wait, but the five emergency repairs outlined below deserve your immediate attention.

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