Roofing Management Team


President, Shumaker Roofing Company, Inc. in Frederick, MD

President of Shumaker Roofing | Roofing Company in Frederick and Middletown, MarylandI was born and raised in Baltimore County, MD. I attended and graduated from Loyola High School and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Towson State University.

After graduation, I became a representative for a large commercial roofing consulting company. Upon being hired, I attended many months of initial training in roofing components and installation, and throughout my career with them I attended many months of continuing education in roofing.

In 1987, I purchased Shumaker Roofing Company from a member of the Shumaker family. Shumaker Roofing Company already had an outstanding reputation, and this was my chance to further build upon a well-known leader in the industry.

I have always based my business philosophy on my parents, Ethel and Gerald. My fondest memories are of earlier days when at well before the crack of dawn my father would leave to deliver milk to his beloved residential customers. He always said to treat people with dignity and respect. He believed in doing the best he could, always making sure that each milk bottle was spotless and gently placed upon the porch. My mother, a quiet spoken person, she says little, but what she says always has truth and wisdom. Many evenings while doing homework my mother would always say, “Do your best Robert, and people will then respect and appreciate you.”

I have always applied my fathers’ willingness to give superior customer service, and my mother’s ideals to Shumaker Roofing Company. I believe in doing the job neatly, correctly and to the fullest. I believe each customer deserves respect and a fair and honest job. My hopes are that I too pass on my beliefs and philosophy to my teenage daughter and son.

In a nutshell, I just want to be the best I can for my customers and my family.


Vice President, Shumaker Roofing Company, Inc. in Frederick, MD

Vice President, Shumaker Roofing | Roofing Company in Frederick, Maryland and BeyondI was born in Texas, but I grew up right here in Frederick County, Maryland.

I attended Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg, and Saint Joseph’s High School until its closing. I finished high school at Catoctin High School. After graduation from high school I immediately joined the United States Navy. ( I was stationed on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, CVA 67. I am very proud of my dedication to the United States Navy and my service to my country.

Upon my honorable discharge, I entered the civilian world with Shumaker Roofing Company as a laborer. It was then that my love of roofing began. The job was both challenging and exciting. I have always enjoyed Shumaker Roofing Company, mostly because of its dedication to the customer, and its seventy-plus-year history.

Our original founder was a world war two veteran, and although I never had the chance to meet him, I hold him in highest regard. I have met many people who did know him. All of them said that he expected the best for his customers and no less than perfection from himself and Shumaker Roofing Company – a belief that I too live by. I further believe that if one continues to educate him self in roofing products, techniques and applications, that the customer is served best.

In my personal life I have two beautiful daughters and I enjoy fishing and time spent with friends and family. I also enjoy reading and memorizing quotes, my favorite being, “Be not simply good, but be good for something.”-Thoreau


Customer Service Manager/Office Manager/Treasurer, Shumaker Roofing Company, Inc. in Frederick, MD

Manager, Roofing Company in Monrovia, MD and Surrounding AreasI have lived in Frederick, MD since 1974. Although I was born here, I spent a few years on the west coast before relocating back to Frederick.

I am a big fan of hiking and biking, especially on the C & O Canal and the Appalachian Trail.

I have been employed with Shumaker Roofing Company since June of 1992. I currently hold certificates as a Quality Master and Master Shingle Applicator from The Certainteed Corporation. I have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, 21 of them with Shumaker Roofing Company.

Customer service is my number one goal. I ensure this through professionalism and a positive attitude.

Researching my customer needs and listening to their individual roofing concerns helps Shumaker Roofing Company to provide a scope of work that is suited to each project. Working closely with our customers from the initial phone call until the end of the project assures our customers that they are receiving the kind of quality service they deserve from Shumaker Roofing Company.

I believe in personalized service and a responsive attitude. That’s what good customer service – and Shumaker Roofing Company – is all about!