Glossary of Roofing Terms


Algae Resistant Shingles:

Algae Resistant Shingles help prevent algae, which can cause unsightly black streaks, from forming on your roof.


Chimney Mortar:

Chimney Mortar is a construction adhesive which is designed to hold pieces of chimney masonry, such as bricks and stones, together in order to keep the chimney stable and prevent water from penetrating.



Decking is the layer of roofing between the primary structural components and the insulative or weatherproofing layers.



A Dormer is a window structure that projects vertically from a sloping roof. The dormer typically has its own roof.


Eave Edge Vents:

Eave Edge Vents are a type of air intake vents located at the bottom edge of a roof that allow outside air to enter into attics and ventilation spaces.



Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process caused by rain, condensation, or dew that leaves a white film of lime on the surface of a concrete roof.



Flashing is a strip of material, usually metal, that is used to stop water from penetrating the joint between a roof and another surface, typically a chimney or dormer.


Ridge Ventilation:

Ridge Ventilation is a type of roofing ventilation that is installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape the attic.


Roofing Ventilation:

Roofing Ventilation is installed in a roof to allow warm, humid air to escape the attic, and outside air to fill the attic and ventilation spaces.



Shingles are a roofing material consisting of individual overlapping elements, usually made of wood, slate, stone, cement, metal, plastic, asphalt, or other composite materials.



A Skylight is a window installed in a roof or ceiling that allows natural sunlight into the interior of a building.


Spalling Concrete:

Spalling Concrete is concrete that has broken up, flaked, or become pitted due to a combination of poor installation and environmental factors.


Sun Tunnel:

A Sun Tunnel is a skylight that captures natural sunlight at the roof and carries it through a tubular shaft to the interior of a home.



Waterproofing is the process of coating a roof with a substance that will provide a watertight seal, and prevent future leaks and damage from weathering.