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Natural light adds beauty to your home – and today’s skylight and sun tunnel solutions from Shumaker Roofing Company offer the benefits of natural sunlight and fresh air while remaining durable, waterproof, and energy efficient. Shumaker Roofing Company is proud to use and recommend Velux products, and we can install them in most roof applications.

Skylights and Sun Tunnels offer a variety of options that make them a great choice for homeowners. From basic, fixed skylights that let in natural light, to solar venting skylights that offer remote control for bringing that cool breeze inside, to tinted and insulated impact resistant units with solar programmable shades, we can cover all your needs. Plus, all our solar skylights qualify for a 30% tax credit towards the total cost.


For parts of your home that don’t need a full skylight, such as closets, hallways, kitchens, powder rooms, bathrooms or laundry rooms, Sun tunnels are a great option. Easy to install and even easier to afford, Sun tunnels offer natural daylight lighting, and even solar night lighting where desired, low profile construction, and a one-piece design suitable for all types of roofs.Solar suntunnels also qualify for the 30% tax credit towards the total cost.