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Why You Need a Roof Tune-Up Every 5 Years

Roof Tune-Up

A roof tune-up should be on every homeowner’s maintenance checklist. It is a way to maintain your roof, detect if there are leaks or areas where exposure may develop, and extend its lifespan. Roofs can get damaged due to winter ice and snow, while leaks may take up to two years to show themselves on your home ceiling. A roof tune-up is an affordable way to know that the roof is sound and an important thing to do as a part of your home improvement project. Here are a few reasons that prove why you need a roof tune-up every five years. (more…)

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Roofer

Shumaker Roofing Contractor

It may be tempting to hire a handyman or fix a roofing problem yourself, but there are a lot of reasons to hire a professional roofer instead. We’ve seen a lot of poorly done roof repairs. It’s easier to put in the investment up front and choose a high-quality roofing company that will do a great job. Don’t solely focus on saving a few bucks because this rarely works out in the long run. (more…)