5 Home Improvement Projects To Make Your Home Look Beautiful This Spring

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Now that spring is here, it’s a good time to think about some home improvement projects. People tend to postpone repairs and renovations until temperatures rise and flowers start blooming. Here are five projects to make your home more beautiful this spring.

1. Check Your Gutters and Drainage

Your gutters are extremely important for redirecting water away from your foundation. Over time, gutters accumulate debris or get damaged. Make sure you inspect all of your gutters and drain pipes. Clean out gutters and perform any necessary repairs. If the damage is too serious, consider getting new gutters. These are relatively inexpensive and are well worth the investment. If leaves tend to clog up your gutters, install gutter guards to catch them. While you’re focusing on drainage, make sure that water doesn’t pool near your home’s foundation. There are various solutions to drainage issues, such as adding a drain pipe or redirecting your downspout.

2. Clean, Inspect, and Repair Windows

Spring is an appropriate time to inspect all of the windows around your home. Don’t forget the less visible ones, such as the basement and attic windows. Clean all your windows while checking for any damage. Windows often crack during winter due to ice or simply cold temperatures. A broken pane is not only unsightly, but it also makes your home less energy-efficient. They also provide openings for insects and small animals to enter. Make sure all your windows work as they should. Check the trim around your windows as well. Repair or paint any damaged areas. Replace damaged or missing screens.

3. Inspect Your Roof

Winters are often hard on your roof. This is an area you don’t want to neglect, as roof problems can cause serious problems if not addressed. Examine all of the shingles on your roof and check for damage, including granule loss on shingles, which reduces their effectiveness. Replace any cracked or chipped shingles. Take special care to check areas near pipes, your chimney or skylight. In addition to cracks, check for algae, mold or excessive moisture. If your roof is older and has damage in multiple areas, think about replacing it. This is a big project, but one that makes your home more energy-efficient and increases its value.

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4. Check Exterior Walls

No matter what type of exterior you have, make sure no damage occurred over the winter. A good way to start is to pressure wash the exterior. This gets your walls nice and clean while exposing any damaged areas. Be sure to check areas near eaves and gutters. If you see issues, you can either do repairs or plan a more comprehensive solution. Perhaps it’s time for a paint job. If it’s only a few areas, you can get away with spot painting. If you have siding with considerable damage, you might want to think about replacing it. New siding gives your home a fresh new look and improves energy efficiency.

5. Maintain Your Deck, Porch, or Patio

Decks, porches, and patios are fun places to gather in the warm months. These outdoor spots need periodic repairs and maintenance to remain safe and comfortable. Start by clearing off furniture or random items stored on your deck. Sweep away dirt, leaves, and other debris. Then check for any boards that are loose, warped, or splintered. Check underneath as well as on top. Use a tool such as a screwdriver to check for rot. If you can easily push the tip of a screwdriver through the wood, you have extensive rot and should think about renovating the whole deck. If the deck is in good shape overall, staining or sealing will improve its appearance and make it waterproof and stronger.

Spring is the ideal time to take inventory of your home and property and identify any areas that could use some attention. Before you take on any major projects, do an honest assessment of your time and skills as well as the cost. In some cases, it’s more sensible to hire professional help rather than take on a DIY project that you’ll never finish. However you handle your spring cleaning, the hardest part is to make a plan and get started!